Who Can Improve the IRS’ Image?

Clearly there are few firms, organizations, or government agencies that pose a greater PR challenge than the IRS.  That’s why the Service is soliciting pitches from 12 full service communications and marketing companies to replace the current $17.5 million contract it awarded to PR firm Porter Novelli four years ago.  The IRS needs to convince Americans who are only interested in tax relief that filing and paying your taxes is not that bad.

The IRS is in dire need of some PR assistance.

~ Captain Obvious

The Novelli contract is over, and many would ask, “What did they do?”  I suppose they did spruce up the IRS website with some new smiling faces.  And they tried to change the face of the IRS to make it seem younger and more in-touch with technology . . . emphasis on “tried.”

The new contract is worth $15 million and with that kind of incentive, many PR specialists are going to be up for the challenge.  And I’m sure each will have their individual spin on what should be done.  For instance, David Bauman would try to turn things around for the IRS by first changing their name.  That’s how he gradually repaired Ron Artest’s image — by changing his name to Metta World Peace.  See WSJ article for the full story.

What would you chose as the IRS’ new moniker?

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