Lawyers Specializing in Wills in California

Our law firm will help you draft a will that will protect any assets that are not transferred to your trust and will protect any assets outside of your trust at the time of your death. Contact us today and connect with our lawyers specializing in wills in California.

Why You Should Have A Will:

  • To make your wishes known to your loved ones
  • To choose someone to settle your affairs on your behalf
  • To decide who will receive your assets and when
  • To appoint a guardian for your children

What Makes A Will Legal in California:

  • The will must be in writing, either handwritten or typed
  • Anyone over 18 and of sound mind can make one (The testator must have the mental capacity to understand what they are doing and to make important decisions.)
  • The testator must sign and date the will in front of two witnesses, who must also sign it
  • The witnesses must further attest that they understand the document they are signing is intended to be the testator’s will and they should be disinterested. This means that they should not be beneficiaries named in the document.