Tax Attorney for Roseville Residents in Placer County Seeking Tax Relief

If you live in Roseville, California, you may need a Tax Attorney. Located in Placer County, the City of Roseville is a short drive from our Sacramento tax law firm. The Franchise Tax Board recently announced that it believes 4,905 Placer County residents may have failed to file their 2013 tax return in 2014. Of the 4,905 Placer County residents that may need tax relief, 1,899 live in the City of Roseville.

The Franchise Tax Board’s Sacramento Public Affairs Office recently announced that the FTB believes more than one million people were required to file a state income tax return for tax year 2013, but failed to do so.

The FTB recently began the investigation and tax assessment process for those people it believes were required to file a tax return with the Franchise Tax Board last year. This includes 4,905 Placer County residents and 1,899 taxpayers from Roseville who may need tax relief. Our Sacramento tax attorneys routinely handle these types of tax cases.

The first step for California’s Franchise Tax Board to force file a tax return against a person in Placer County or in Roseville is to send a demand for tax return letter. If you received one of these letters you may want to contact one of our Sacramento tax attorneys. It is important to respond to the demand for tax return letter you received. If you did not have a filing requirement but received a tax return demand letter from the FTB, you may have to fight the Franchise Tax Board, and we can help.

Our Sacramento tax relief attorneys offer a free consultation. So if you live in the City of Roseville, or greater Placer County, feel free to call us at (916) 452-7033 to set up a phone consultation or an office appointment at our Sacramento office. By choosing our tax relief law firm you will always speak directly to a tax attorney.

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