Changes to IRS Offer in Compromise Tax Settlement Procedures

Does the IRS offer settlements? If you owe a tax debt that you cannot afford to pay, you may want to consider negotiating your tax debt through a tax settlement. The procedure is known as an offer in compromise. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) began charging taxpayers who want to attempt to reduce their tax liabilities through a tax settlement an offer in compromise application fee in November 2003.

Beginning April 27, 2020, the application fee for IRS offer in compromises will be $205.00. This is an increase from $186.00. According to a memorandum from Director of Collection Policy Nikki Johnson, the Department of Treasury reviewed the offer in compromise program costs and issued final regulations to increase the amount of the application fee imposed under section 300.3 of the Treasury Regulations for processing an offer in compromise.

There will be a grace period through May 27, 2020 for taxpayers that have submitted an offer in compromise with the prior fee of $186. The IRS will require any shortfall be paid prior to continuing the offer investigation. While the increase in the IRS offer in compromise application fee is only $19.00, the IRS will continue to waive the application fee for low-income taxpayers and those taxpayers that base their offer to settle based on doubt as to liability.

Additionally, if you live in California, the IRS has changed the unit that will be assigned to investigate your request for an offer in compromise. I believe there is a group of IRS agents in Brookhaven, New York that is now very happy that they won’t have to fight with our attorneys anymore. We hope this helps you understand how to get a settlement with the IRS.

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