Tax Songs

Musicians (especially the boots and large belt-buckle donning musicians) love to sing about ordinary stuff that we’re familiar with.  What respectable country song doesn’t mention at least one of the following?:

  • dog
  • truck
  • liquor
  • women
  • bar fight
  • being broke

Well what about taxes?

We all know how common tax problems are, but they just don’t seem to get fair coverage in country songs.  The nice thing about taxes is you don’t have to reveal your political leanings when singing about how much you hate them.  Taxes are a universal inconvenience; a thorn in our collective side.  But taxes don’t belong in just any genre of music, otherwise you end up with something horrible like this:

‘Cause they taxed me

With a scalpel piece by piece

They cut me deep and bled me dry

Until there was nothing left to bleed

(from “Life After Death and Taxes” by Relient K)

A good tax song sounds something like this:



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