Paperwork is not IRS’ Forte

What would you think of an English teacher who couldn’t spell?  How about a surgeon who couldn’t hold his hands steady?  It’s a problem, right?

Well I was dumbfounded to discover, by way of the latest TIGTA audit, that the IRS is not so good with paperwork.  In 2012 the IRS processed over 230 million tax returns, so it’s not a stretch to say that the IRS is in the business of doing paperwork.  The wage garnishment, bank levy, liens . . . all excuses to do more paperwork.

TIGTA (Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration) issued a press release today outlining the results of an audit that found holes in the IRS job applicant prescreening process.  Ok, not the process itself, just the documentation (the part that the IRS should have nailed):

Our report does not indicate that the IRS hired applicants who were not suitable or that the steps were not completed; rather, we found that the documentation of some of the prescreening steps was unavailable.

~ J. Russell George, TIGTA

On the bright side, I am told that the IRS is meticulous in ensuring that each and every candidate for employment can write their name and count to 100.

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