Our Next President Shouldn’t Be a Tax Schmuck

When Mitt Romney announced that he would probably follow tradition by disclosing his tax return sometime in April, he also confirmed that his effective tax rate is around 15%.  Yes, it is low.  Yes, Romney takes full advantage of every opportunity available to him within the Tax Code to pay less taxes.  Isn’t that what anyone would do?  Here is the Tax Girl’s view:

“The thing is, I want my President – no matter who it is – to either know enough about fiscal and tax policy to make smart decisions or to surround himself (or herself) with people who can make those smart decisions. Having someone who consistently makes poor decisions about their own taxes directing tax policy seems like, I don’t know, asking Newt Gingrich for relationship advice.

~ Kelly Phillips Erb, Forbes writer / blogger

I guess the Gingrich comment was added for a little extra spice.  Ouch.

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