IRS to Announce Official Start Date of Tax Season

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So, what is the official start date of the 2013 tax filing season? In other words, what is the first day that the IRS will begin accepting 2012 tax returns? This is still an open question.

Without congressional action, the IRS had said that they would not be able to accept a majority of tax returns until March. But Congress has acted and now it is just up to the IRS to make a decision about the “start date.” Once the IRS has finished reviewing the new legislation, they will announce the official start date of the 2013 tax season. The IRS will also have information about paycheck withholding based on the new tax rates.

Until then, there are typically plenty of things to do in preparation for filing your tax return, especially for the self employed. Now is the time to organize your records and identify a qualified tax preparer. If you anticipate tax problems this year — if you are going to owe the IRS more than you can pay — then it will also behoove you to identify an experienced tax attorney who can represent your interests before the IRS.

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