IRS Delays Start of 2013 Tax Season

The IRS has delayed the official start of tax season by a whole 8 days this year, announcing today that they will begin accepting tax returns on January 30th.  The delay is a result of the fiscal cliff legislation and the necessary tweaking, updating, and testing of IRS processing systems.  No change to the filing deadline as of yet…

Eight days doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you consider the millions of early filers that normally file during those first eight days, we can expect a pretty big bottleneck this year.  If you do expect a tax refund, don’t be surprised if it takes the IRS a little longer than normal to send you the check or wire you the money.  You can speed up the process if you file electronically and opt for direct deposit, but you’ll still need to be extra patient this year.

Meanwhile here at the California Franchise Tax Board, state tax season begins TODAY.

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