Important Baseball Start Dates

Today I asked Christian (my personal MLB knowledge source) when baseball starts and he said, “It depends . . .” then he proceeded to give me this long-winded, convoluted answer. I told him, “C’mon, it’s Friday.  Loosen up.  I’m not asking you for your legal opinion here.  Take your attorney hat off for just a second and answer my question!”

Then he had me take a look at MLB’s Important Dates link and I saw why he answered me like he did.  It really IS complicated!

February 19, 2012  –  Pitchers and Catchers report

February 29, 2012  –  First exhibition game: Florida State University vs. Philadelphia Phillies, Florida

March 2, 2012  –  First Spring Training game: Seattle Mariners vs. Oakland Athletics, Phoenix

March 28, 2012  –  First Regular Season game: Seattle Mariners vs. Oakland Athletics, Tokyo

April 4, 2012  –  Opening Night: St. Louis Cardinals at Miami Marlins

April 5, 2012  – Opening Day

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