Abel Maldonado: Raises Taxes in 2009, Owes Taxes in 2012

Abel Maldonado, a Republican from Santa Maria, is running for Congress.  He voted with Governor Schwarzenegger and state Democrats to raise taxes in 2009.  Should that preclude him from seeking tax relief by disputing an IRS assessment?  Some think it should.

News sources have Maldonado owing as much as $470,000 in back taxes in connection with poorly-named family businesses, “Agro-Jal Farming” and “Tri-M Rental Group.”  The dispute is either currently in, or on its way to, US Tax Court where a judge will determine whether or not he will be held liable for the tax, plus whatever interest and penalties have accrued since 2006.  See full story here.

Of course the primary detractors are the rival congressional candidates, including Rep. Louis Capps, D-Santa Barbara, who are portraying Maldonado as a hypocrite.   This just goes to show that even the most staunch big-government Democrat usually doesn’t want to pay a penny more than he is legally obligated to pay.  I’m not sure that makes him a hypocrite.

If I voted to reduce the speed limit to 55mph, should I be morally obligated to drive 45?  No.  And if I got ticketed for driving 54mph, shouldn’t I have the right to dispute it?  Of course I should.  And the same things goes for payment of taxes.  Maldonado is no hypocrite; he’s just doing what every single warm-blooded American would do in his situation.

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