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Goodbye to Large Dollar Unit

It used to be that cases with a total aggregate balance of $100,000 or more were worked by a special unit within the IRS called the Large Dollar Unit (LDU).  It has been exceedingly frustrating dealing with LDU over the … Continue reading

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Romney on Tax Reform

Mitt Romney has written an op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal describing his vision for tax reform and tax relief.  He identifies problems with the tax code as one of our countries top problems: record-breaking unemployment deficit spending big inefficient … Continue reading

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Offer in Compromise

The Offer in Compromise (OIC) is often considered the ultimate form of tax relief. If you are considering an OIC to address your outstanding IRS tax debt, there are a few things you should know. First, not everyone with a … Continue reading

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Leaked Photo of New 740hp Ferrari

If you’re going to leak a photo of a beautiful 2013 Ferrari, wouldn’t you take care to produce a high-quality digital photo?  This one is seriously lacking.  The car doesn’t quite fit the photo.  It’s all grainy and dull.  And … Continue reading

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J.K. Rowling Moves Beyond Potter

I have a hard time watching Jim Carrey in a serious role — it just always seems like a subtle joke. Maybe I’ve never been able to see him as anyone other than Ace Ventura.  His mannerisms and acting style … Continue reading

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Early Retirement Distributions

Many people do not realize that early distributions from retirement accounts qualify as income for tax purposes.  The realization may come in a very disturbing way — such as a 1099 and/or a letter from the IRS stating there has been … Continue reading

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61-year-old NH Man May go to Prison for Apprehending Burglar

Nobody goes out of their way to help people anymore because they’re afraid of getting sued for their good deed, or in the case of Dennis Flemming, getting thrown into prison. Dennis Flemming, 61, held a thief who had broken … Continue reading

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Who Can Improve the IRS’ Image?

Clearly there are few firms, organizations, or government agencies that pose a greater PR challenge than the IRS.  That’s why the Service is soliciting pitches from 12 full service communications and marketing companies to replace the current $17.5 million contract … Continue reading

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Important Baseball Start Dates

Today I asked Christian (my personal MLB knowledge source) when baseball starts and he said, “It depends . . .” then he proceeded to give me this long-winded, convoluted answer. I told him, “C’mon, it’s Friday.  Loosen up.  I’m not … Continue reading

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Bartering – It’s Still Income to the IRS

Assume Farmer John, an acquaintance, comes to my office with a small tax problem and I spend 10 minutes researching and looking for the answer.  I then provide him with a bit of advice, and he asks me what he … Continue reading

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