Worst Idea of All Time

Think of all the bad ideas in America’s past: Smell-O-Vision, Leisure Suits, New Coke, Hydrogen-Filled Blimps, Barney, dare I say tax liens.  I guess the Land of the Free is a breeding ground for horrible ideas because the list is LONG.

And it should come as no surprise that the mother of all bad ideas was cooked up recently by a bone-headed politician. I speak of Rep. Jim Cooper’s proposal to let the IRS prepare our tax returns. Once you’re finished laughing hysterically, dry your eyes and try to compose yourself for a moment longer. But don’t think there’s any more to it than that. There is no “catch” here. He literally wants the IRS to “save us the time and money” expended in preparation of the returns ourselves. Nevermind the money we would lose by “asking the fox to watch the hen house.” The IRS would rob us blind!

The proposal may possibly be considered by the (as Newt Gingrich calls it) “maniacally stupid” debt reduction supercommittee. However, it seems unlikely that it will become part of their final proposal since its only proponents appear to be Rep. Cooper and Pres. Obama.

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