Vengeful Audit Paranoia

People who get audited often feel like they have been unfairly targeted by the IRS.  Many of our clients have felt this way.  When the tax audit notice comes, they immediately review their past dealings with the IRS, trying to figure out why they have been audited and what they did to upset the IRS.  Some of the more paranoid audit victims will go back and mentally review all their dealings with any branch of the government, assuming that they were selected in an act of revenge.  I suppose it is human nature that causes them to wonder and question why they, of all people, were selected for audit.

Bill Elliot is a high-profile example of this “vengeful audit paranoia.”  He was audited after appearing on FOX News earlier this month where he criticized ObamaCare and told the nation about his health insurance policy being cancelled.  He couldn’t afford the new premiums offered in the federal health insurance marketplace and needs insurance probably more than the average person given that he is battling cancer.

We can’t know for sure whether Mr. Elliot was targeted by the IRS.  We know some of their audit selection criteria, and there are probably others that we don’t know.  People are also audited at least in part based on chance.  I don’t know of any confirmed “vengeful audits,” but maybe that’s the next IRS scandal

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