The IRS Makes McDonald's-Like Claim

The June 9th IRS headline read “One Billion Served: IRS E-File Passes Major Milestone” (see news release IR-2011-64).  The IRS has tallied the number of tax returns filed electronically since the e-file program began back in 1986, and the number has recently crept above one billion, including a whopping 100 million during the 2011 filing season.  These days nearly 80% of all taxpayers file their returns electronically.  If you employ a tax preparer to file your taxes, your tax preparer may be required to e-file, depending on the number of returns he/she files.  This has definitely contributed to the success of the program.

According to the IRS, e-filing benefits both the taxpayers and the government.  Taxpayers get faster refunds and more accurate returns, and the government spends less money processing them; according to the IRS, up to 20 times less.  Cheaper and quicker – maybe the IRS is following in the footsteps of McDonald’s.  Now if they could only process a return in the amount of time it takes to build a Big Mac.  Then they they’d really have something.


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