Tax Relief Available for the 2012 Tax Season!

Montgomery & Wetenkamp are ready to help you this tax season!  See 2012 Tax Season press release.

The tax attorneys at Montgomery & Wetenkamp, personally handle all aspects of their tax relief cases. Unlike other tax relief firms, the tax attorneys at Montgomery & Wetenkamp do not employee a sales force, legal assistants, or other intermediaries which may increase client fees and diminish the client experience. From the first time a client calls Montgomery & Wetenkamp, they will be speaking directly to one of the tax attorneys who will personally resolve their IRS tax debt.

“The IRS is a very powerful and unforgiving collection machine. This tax season, it is now easy and affordable to be prepared and have an organized and systematic plan for tax relief rather than getting stuck in the bowels of the IRS collection machine. The IRS has several tax relief options available for taxpayers who cannot pay their taxes. Such options vary from allowing additional time to pay a tax debt to reducing the total amount of the tax bill to an affordable amount

~ Christian Montgomery, Tax Attorney

Most tax relief options are driven by a taxpayer’s unique facts and circumstances, and how well and organized those facts and circumstances are advocated to the IRS. The tax attorneys at Montgomery & Wetenkamp are experienced in tax relief matters and will design and implement a systematic resolution to their client’s IRS tax problems.

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