Hello Old Friend … Baseball is Here Again!

It’s finally here, and the San Francisco Giants are ready to defend their World Series title and the Tax Attorneys at Montgomery & Wetenkamp are ready to root them on. If you remember last year’s opening day, it was confusing; read about last year’s confusion here. This year, however, it’s simple; the season started with a national game on Sunday night (even if it was just the Battle of Texas more suited for a football matchup), and everyone else gets started today.

The only thing that irks me about this year’s opening day is the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants are again not getting to open the season at home against the Dodgers as World Champs. Even in 2011, the then defending World Champion Giants didn’t open at home, they opened in Los Angeles as they do today. Don’t get me wrong, it’s the best rivalry in sports, just we deserve an opening day at home, especially as the World Champs. Raising the banner and getting the rings in front of the Dodgers and their “fans” would be awesome.

On the other hand, we get to raise the banner and get the rings in front of the Cardinals, as we did in 2011, which is almost as good as sticking it to the Dodgers. However, the Cardinals did take it from the Giants in 2011 thanks to Scott Cousins. I guess I need to remember that baseball’s Opening Day is just one game… and since we open the season in Los Angeles, we get the bad guys at home to end the season; when the games really count. Play Ball and enjoy the story of the season…