Just Over One Month to Go In Tax Season and You Can Finally File Your Tax Return

Over the weekend, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) finally completed reprogramming and testing its systems for tax-year 2012. This includes the lingering updates mandated by the American Taxpayer Relief Act (ATRA) enacted by Congress back in January. This final update finally allows all taxpayers to prepare their tax returns. The final updates apply to taxpayers claiming residential energy credits on IRS Form 5695 and taxpayers claiming various business tax credits and deductions on their federal tax returns.

The IRS began accepting tax year 2012 returns in phases as it worked over the past several months to update various forms and make adjustments to processing systems to apply the current tax laws. Finally, with just six weeks to go before this year’s April 15, 2013 deadline, all IRS tax returns can now be filed. And, if you quickly find out that you’re in tax trouble, now that you can actually file your tax return, the tax relief attorneys at Montgomery & Wetenkamp will be able to resolve your IRS tax debt problems, call us toll free at (800) 454-7043.