Romney Will “Probably” Release Tax Returns in April

I’m not sure what people are hoping to see on Romney’s tax return. Everyone already knows he is very wealthy. Are they hoping to find that he owes the IRS or has other tax problems? He’s probably just waiting for the last possible minute to file (that would be 11:59pm on April 17th this year) like any other tax-loathing American would do. If it’s prior year tax returns that they are hoping to see then he still has some time before he could be criticized for going against history and tradition.

Romney’s running mates are pushing him to release his tax records sooner than later because they think that whatever is revealed  in his taxes may have an influence on how people vote. Presidential candidates are not required to make their tax returns public, but they have traditionally done so . . . usually around tax time.

I looked at what has been done in campaigns in the past . . . They have tended to release tax records in April or tax season . . . And if I become our nominee, and what’s happened in history is people have released them in about April of the coming year, and that’s probably what I would do.

~ Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, speaking at a Republican presidential debate on January 16, 2012

See CNN story for a list of party nominees in the last few elections and when they released their tax records.

Cain Out

The tax code is due for an overhaul. Even though some kind of tax reform is probably inevitable, it looks like we’re never going to be able to see one called 9-9-9. And I guess we’re never going to see the National Free Pizza Day that I was hoping for either.

This morning Republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain, decided to drop out of the race.

Technically he is “suspending” his campaign (as opposed to formally ending his bid) because that will allow him to use the money he has raised to travel around and promote his “Plan B.”

There has not been much time to digest the announcement yet; there are still so many open questions. For instance, now what happens to the “Women for Cain” website that everyone loves to hate?