Sunday's Political Sermons Will Likely Go Unchallenged

As part of the growing movement called “Pulpit Freedom Sunday,” approximately 1,400 pastors, preachers, and evangelists across the country will address their congregations this Sunday and talk very candidly about which presidential candidate they endorse.  This is something that could theoretically result in revocation of their churches’ tax-exempt status.  Theoretically.

The religious leaders who participate in “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” on October 7th are hoping the IRS will strike back . . . or at least do something.  They really would like to see a lawsuit, which they see as a necessary step in eventually putting the controversy to rest.  But they won’t need their tax attorney standing by because chances are the IRS will not have any kind of response at all.

The IRS simply does not have the manpower to police these sorts of violations.  Yes, the IRS has their hands full with collections and tax relief cases, but that’s not the problem.  The personnel who used to be responsible for investigating churches no longer have the authority to do so.  New regulations have been pending since 2009, but until they are approved, the IRS is absolutely powerless.

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