Stress About your Bracket, Not your Taxes

We’re approximately one month away from Tax Day and the IRS is offering up a bit of advice on how to get through these next few weeks without losing too much sleep. The most prominent ingredient in IRS’ anti-stress formula is “Don’t Procrastinate.” This is good advice. Why wait until the weekend of April 15th to get started on your taxes? If you rush around at the last minute to get your taxes done, then the likelihood that you will make an error increases. Also, don’t think you can pop in to see an accountant or a busy tax preparer at the 11th hour. There are many people who put it off and you’re going to have to “take a number” and wait your turn.

If you’re due a refund then you probably file early. Most of the last-minute filers are people who know they are going to owe. Some of them know they will owe and also know they can’t afford to pay — and that can certainly be a big source of stress. But it doesn’t have to be…

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