Singing the Tax Code

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Chan Marshall (the voice behind Cat Power) has released a new album called Sun, temporarily available via full-length stream on the NPR Music website.  Marshall has been quiet for 6 years and Sun is quite different from the Cat Power of years past, but NPR is obviously in love with it:

 [Marshall] could sing random figures from her tax returns and convey more heartache and angst than many other artists could match in their deepest moments.

Thanks a lot NPR.  Yet another jab at taxes and the tax industry.  Tax returns, tax problems, tax relief: it’s beyond boring to most people, we get it!  I believe the saying used to be something like “she could sing the phone book,” but I guess now that the phonebook is pretty much obsolete, and the next most boring thing to read (or sing) would be somebody’s taxes, the colloquialism is beginning to undergo a gradual change.  Personally, I think “singing the tax code” sounds better.

Meanwhile, several months after the first inquiry, Democrats still wish Mitt Romney would reveal the figures on his tax returns whether they be sung, spoken, posted on Facebook, or any other method of delivery.

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