Santa has his Naughty List; IRS has PDT Designation

Given the number of contacts the IRS makes with taxpayers day after day, the number of (how shall we say this) “confrontations” is relatively small. Yet there are always those who hope they can find tax relief through nefarious means, including the use of force. And the IRS has fairly elaborate guidelines for handling situations involving dangerous or aggressive taxpayers, including a special PDT (Potentially Dangerous Taxpayer) classification that may be assigned to an account. See IRM 25.4.1.

IRS field officers are instructed to try to avoid in-person contact with PDTs. But if in-person visits are necessary, then they are supposed to arrange armed escort from TIGTA personnel. Regular Revenue Officers are prohibited from carrying firearms or any other weapons, including pepper spray (IRM ).

If the act(s) or behavior(s) in question do not rise to the level of “dangerous,” then there is an intermediate designation known as “CAU” (Caution Upon Contact) with its own set of criteria and procedure.

The burden of an IRS tax debt can be stressful, discouraging, even overwhelming.  However, resorting to threats or violence is never acceptable. Contact Montgomery & Wetenkamp, and let us demonstrate how the pen is mightier than the sword in getting you the tax relief that you deserve.

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