Sandy: Extended Tax Relief

The IRS has expanded the tax relief granted to individuals affected by hurricane Sandy.  This comes as no big surprise given the fact that the IRS had initially given a meager 7 additional days to file employment tax returns that were due on October 31st.  The IRS is now expanding relief categories and extending the deadline to February 1, 2013.  Also, the IRS has now identified specific counties that automatically qualify for relief.

Here is a new breakdown of the types of tax requirements with an extended February 1, 2013 deadline:

  1. Fourth Quarter estimated tax payments for individuals
  2. Third Quarter payroll and excise tax returns
  3. Fourth Quarter payroll and excise tax returns
  4. Form 990 series returns required of tax-exempt organizations

Tax relief is automatic for residents of 4 specified counties in Connecticut, 10 counties in New Jersey, and 9 counties in New York.  The IRS is also demonstrating compassion for people who were indirectly affected by Sandy.  So, if your tax records or your CPA were located in any of the listed counties during the storm, or if you were helping with rescue and relief efforts, you may also qualify for tax relief, but you will need to call the IRS and request it.

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