Pasties Won’t be Taxed in Britain

Believe me, it’s not what you think.  In the United States pasties are a warm weather clothing(ish) item worn by some women.  But in England it is a popular food eaten by the common folk.  Picture a cross between a pizza pocket and a chicken pot pie; a hand-held pastry filled with meat and vegetables.  Preparing them at home can be tricky and time-consuming.  According to one recipe by our guy Emeril Lagasse, prep time is about 1 hour & 20 minutes.  Many Britons pick them up at the corner shop where they are mass-produced and sold lukewarm.

Britain’s finance minister came under fire lately for suggesting a tax that would increase the price of these goodies.  This could have been perceived as either discriminatory towards the middle-lower class citizens, or simply as proof that the he and other elites in government are out of touch with ordinary Brits.  But the Pasty Tax was never ratified.  Instead an exception was carved out for “hot takeaway food that is cooling down after being cooked.”

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