NASA Shouts “Fore!”

You know when your tee shot is headed straight for the golfers in front of you, and you don’t think it has enough on it to actually harm anybody, but you also know that shouting “fore!” is the courteous thing to do?

The old junker satellite known as UARS (Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite) that was launched in 1991 is going to be plummeting to earth by week’s end, but NASA calculates the risk of harm to be very low.

They just want us to be aware.

Q: Where might the debris land?

A: Pretty much anywhere on land or sea

Q: How heavy is this space junk?

A: The 26 pieces that are likely to survive the heat of re-entry weigh a total of 1,100 pounds

Q: What are the chances of human casualty?

A: 1 in 3,200

Don’t worry though. NASA reminds us that “Since the beginning of the space age, there has been no confirmed report of an injury resulting from reentering space objects.”

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