May be Too Late to Score Some Young Buck Swag

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If you are following the news stories concerning the financial woes of Rapper Young Buck, you probably know that his IRS situation has escalated to the point that his property is being sold at auction . . . right now.  The auction was to begin today at 10:00am in Nashville.

When a tax debt is not immediately paid, the IRS moves pretty quickly through its arsenal of ordinary collection tools like the wage garnishment and bank levy.  But when it comes to seizure and sale of personal property, the IRS wants to be absolutely sure it has tried every other less-intrusive alternative.  So in the case of Young Buck, and any other property seizure case, we can be fairly certain that the IRS has already tried, perhaps over the course of months or years, to collect what is owed “the nice way.”

The IRS provided a list of everything being sold at today’s auction and even pictures of most of the stuff.  It might be fun to take a look because I can assure you that all your stereotypes and assumptions about what might be sold at an IRS / rap star auction will be . . . well . . . confirmed.