IRS Waste

Maybe Big Brother should conduct an audit on IRS year-end activities because I think they would identify some areas of concern.

I already blogged about contacting the IRS in December, and how it should be avoided if possible. But what about the last business day of the year (today)? Don’t even bother.

Today we discovered that the IRS has personnel on hand to answer the phones when they ring, but the computer systems are down so they can’t help with specific account-related issues. In other words, today the IRS is paying staff to sit around at their potluck parties, ro-sham-bo-ing whenever the phone rings. I’m certain there is an automated greeting that could be set informing callers that the computers are down. Why are we paying them to be at work today?

I know, it is kind of grumpy of me to be complaining about this. After all, its only one day. Where’s my holiday spirit? But think of the number of IRS representatives and the amount of money that could be saved if the IRS would send people home when they are unable to do their jobs.

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