IRS Employees Protest Planned Furloughs

Why is it so amusing to imagine IRS employees picketing?  I almost wish I could be in Manhatten next week to see how it goes for them — it’s sure to be pretty rowdy, right?

The rally was organized by the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) Chapter 47 which represents IRS employees in Manhatten.  They will be protesting the upcoming unpaid furlough days, hopefully not using signs made with government materials on government time.

This is only one of many demonstrations that have taken place outside of IRS offices around the nation this year, including NTEU Chapter 20 in San Francisco on February 28th, Chapter 92 in San Diego on March 7th, Chapter 97 in Fresno on March 22nd, Chapter 143 in El Paso on March 23rd, Chapter 61 in Albany on March 26th, and Chapter 34 in Pittsburgh on April 15th.  Yes, that’s right, April 15th!  Here is Chapter 34 posing for a picture on the IRS’ busiest day of the year with one employee holding a sign that says (ironically, I think) “Let Me Do My Job”:

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I really don’t have a problem with IRS employees protesting the sequester and furloughs.  I realize that they’re doing it on their lunch breaks.  I just think it’s funny that they are so opposed to a few days off this year.  Although they wouldn’t openly admit it, I suspect that more than a few IRS employees would be upset if the government reneged on the furloughs.

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