Happy Veterans Day

image via wunderground.com

Technically Sunday was Veterans Day, but most of us have today off, including the IRS. I paid my first visit to the Department of Veterans Affairs website today and here are some of the things I found:

  • VA has guanteed 20 million home loans for veterans since 1944, including 540,000 in 2012 alone
  • VA recognizes award-winning and influential veterans around the country on its website
  • VA supports health care and health education for our nation’s military heroes through some top-rated medical facilities
  • There are 152 VA hospitals and 817 outpatient clinics located throughout the country
  • Every possible type of VA application or form is available with the click of a mouse
  • The “projected veteran population” is over 22 million, most having served in Vietnam
  • The IRS offers free basic tax help for veterans

I like the way we take care of our country’s veterans. Although I have not had ocassion to test the theory, I would venture to guess that the IRS would give some due consideration to veteran status in their collection / tax relief cases as well.

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