Feds Say CA Pot Shops are Just Fronts for Illegal Trafficking

Today the US Attorneys announced that they are cracking down on marijuana dispensaries in California, not because they are illegal under federal law (although they are) or because they are not paying their taxes.  No, the real problem is that many of them, as they are currently operating, are illegal under California law.

Federal prosecutors have evidence that many of the pot dispensary storefronts are just that —fronts for illegal drug trafficking operations. They say that these operations have reached levels that were never intended when medical pot was legalized back in 1996.

Here’s what makes them illegal:

  • large-scale commercial operations
  • drug trafficking across state lines
  • owners reaping huge profits
  • non-medical usage of product

Not all pot shops in California fit this description, and that’s why only certain shops are being targeted by the feds. But today’s announcement was certainly meant to shake things up in an industry that was never meant to become an industry.

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