Dolce & Gabbana Face Tax Evasion Charges

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Italian fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana allegedly owe in the neighborhood of 1 billion euros in back taxes (that’s equal to $1.25 billion this side of the pond), and of course they deny it.  I’m sure they’re innocent, since Italians are so good about paying their taxes.  FYI, the only nation with more tax evaders than Italy is Greece.  Here is Gabbana’s well-reasoned tweet from earlier today:

Everyone knows that we haven’t done anything.

With 140 available characters that’s all he could say for himself!?  I wonder if Dolce is any brighter than Gabanna.  The Italian tax authorities have beeen investigating the two since 2007.  A lower court acquitted them, but the government appealed, so their quest for tax relief continues.

Based on the designs pictured in this post, Italy should consider taxing D&G at an even higher rate.  Maybe if they taxed these designs like cigarettes it would discourage anybody from wearing them.

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