Does the IRS Celebrate Christmas?

IRS employees are given a paid day or two off around Christmastime, so we know that the IRS observes Christmas in that manner.  The US Office of Personnel Management ( is the official source for federal holidays, and this year, for most federal government agencies, Christmas will be observed on Monday, December 26th.  But what about any other official IRS references to Christmas?

I was curious, so I searched for the term on the IRS website and there were 119 search results.  Here’s what I found:

  1. references to Christmas Island, a territory of Australia in the Indian Ocean
  2. references to the deduction of expenses related to Christmas Tree cultivation in the Farmer’s Tax Guide (Publication 225)
  3. references to an oil industry term (“Christmas Tree“) used to describe “an assembly of valves mounted on the casinghead through which a well is produced”
  4. old references to “Christmas in April” foundations that had lost their non-profit status
  5. references to various business names that include the word “Christmas”
  6. various references to the service’s observation of the federal holiday

So, there are no substantive references or discussions of Christmas on the IRS website.  I suppose that is as it should be.

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