Did Lerner Mishandle Official Emails?

These days I think few employers would have a problem with their employees using a company email account for personal matters.  As long as they are not goofing off while on the clock, it doesn’t cost the employer anything.  Although I am sure it is often listed as a prohibited activity in employee handbooks, I do not imagine it to be the type of rule that is strictly enforced.

But using a personal email account for business purposes is a bigger problem.  It would be unprofessional to send an official email from a personal account or to accept business emails on a personal account.  Sending internal documents from work to your own personal email account is an even bigger problem.  The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee apparently has been informed that Lois Lerner did just this.

Lois Lerner is the lady at the center of the IRS Tea Party targeting scandal.  She was thrust into the spotlight back in May when she invoked her 5th Amendment rights, refusing to testify before Congress.  Presently, the Committee is asking Lerner to produce “all documents and communications housed in [her] msn.com account.”  She has until August 27th to comply, after which I would imagine she will be subpoenaed, after which I imagine her lawyers will dispute it as being overbroad.

What makes this behavior especially repugnant is that THIS IS THE IRS we’re talking about, not a private company!  This is a branch of the US Treasury that we trust will be able to play fairly and keep information safe and secure.  Let’s hope we find out that Lerner was actually only emailing herself an innocent meme or something…

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