Denmark’s “Fat Tax”

It’s bad enough that the tastiest foods are always so bad for you, now in Denmark they are getting more expensive too.

Beginning October 1st Denmark initiated it’s new “fat tax,” which increases the price of certain foods by 16 krone (about $3) per kilo of saturated fat. It is expected to have a substantial impact on the price of everyday staples such as milk, cheese, bacon, and butter. The Danish (the people and the pastry) are not thrilled. These traditional goodies are said to be made with generous amounts of butter:

Although the government approved the tax by an overwhelming majority, the people of Denmark and others have made the following arguments in opposition to the tax:

  1. Negative impact on organic dairy farmers
  2. No distinction in the law between fat in whole foods, processed foods, or even fast food
  3. The government passed the tax to increase revenue, not to improve the health of the Danish
  4. May have unintended consequence of driving people to purchase cheaper, less healthful foods
  5. A fat tax should focus on cutting trans fats, not saturated fats
  6. Many people will still eat the same things they ate before the tax
I guess the upside is that tax relief and weight relief will now come in the same package.

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