Chris Tucker Sheds Assets to Pay Back IRS

Chris Tucker, the actor best known for his work in the Rush Hour series of films, has been selling his properties in Florida to pay back what he owes to the IRS.

Mr. Tucker owes $11.5 million in back taxes (perhaps somewhat less now that he has sold off some assets). Reports indicate that he sold his Florida properties for much less than fair market value, which indicates to me that he was in a big hurry to raise some cash under pressure from the IRS.

We don’t have the complete details, but with a $11.5 million tax bill, certainly the IRS has already threatened to seize his property. Why else would he take less than it’s worth? The dilemma for Mr. Tucker is if he had not sold the property, the IRS would have seize it and auctioned it off to the top bidder. A taxpayer can normally get a much better price in a private sale than what can be fetched in a public IRS auction. But the IRS doesn’t allow the taxpayer to put a property on the market and wait until he gets his asking price. Pressure from the IRS usually forces the seller to accept less — in this case, less than fair market value.

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