Axl Rose on Punctuality

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Guns N’ Roses was notorious for starting their shows late.  I always believed it was a standard side effect of the rock n’ roll lifestyle; the drugs, the revelry, the general irresponsibility.  But Axl Rose, GNR frontman, recently addressed the issue of punctuality in a rare television interview with Jimmy Kimmel.  Ironically, his explanation came a couple decades too late.

In his first live TV appearance in 20 years, Axl Rose talked about some of his puzzling behavior, such as his ridiculous corn rows, his disappearing back stage in the middle of shows, and his chronic tardiness that had a tendency of alienating fans.  Axl apparently lives by the mantra “punctuality is the thief of time” (a famous Oscar Wilde quote from the book The Picture of Dorian Gray).  In other words, if he showed up on time, then chances are he would just have to wait, thereby wasting his own time.  And why should a rock star have to wait for anybody?!

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