A New Year Resolution

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Here we are again at the dawn of another tax season.  It will begin gradually with the early filers accumulating their income documents in January in hopes of filing and obtaining a refund check sometime during the first half of February.  It will end in a flurry with millions of tax return procrastinators who will file just minutes before midnight on April 15th.

Those who wait are typically those who know they are going to owe.  And some inevitably wait too long.  Once April 15th passes, the rationale is “what’s another day?” — and many taxpayers find themselves letting months slip by and they just never get around to filing.  Of course, this rationale is faulty because penalties and interest accumulate with each passing day, so each day really does matter.

Some have let multiple tax seasons pass them by, and the more delinquencies that pile up, the more difficult it becomes to get back on track with the IRS.  But there is a way back, even if you have no way of paying your full tax debt.  There is a way to get back in the good graces of the government and move on with your life.  Resolve to clean things up this year.  Contact Montgomery & Wetenkamp, tax relief attorneys, for a free consultation.  Call (800) 454-7043.

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