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IRS: The Raiders of Government Agencies

Usually when people are dressed in black surrounding a hole in a solemn ceremony, its a funeral.  But Tony Sparano, the interim head coach of the 0-4 Oakland Raiders, gathered the team for a special symbolic football burial this week.  … Continue reading

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The $10,000 IRS “The Apprentice” Parody

Apparently it’s that time again.  That time when we poke fun at the IRS for idiotic mistakes, bad judgment, unfair rules, . . . horrendous training videos.  It has already become a regular topic for many writers and bloggers, but … Continue reading

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Is IRS Ready for Obamacare Amid Turmoil?

The IRS was selected as one of the main agencies to implement President Obama’s new health care law.  Many of the provisions will go into effect next year.  But it is difficult to see how the IRS will be able … Continue reading

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Controversial IRS Parody Videos

There is plenty of controversy surrounding the IRS’ $4 million per year professional video production studio in New Carrollton, MD.  Most of the controversy has been stirred by a man named Charles Boustany, Jr., chairman of the House Ways and … Continue reading

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Help the IRS Reduce America’s Tax Burden

You’ve probably never heard of the Taxpayer Burden Reduction (TBR) division of the IRS; few people have. TBR is led by senior advisor, Laurie Tuzynski, who recently explained her role in an official IRS video. Taxpayer Burden is defined as … Continue reading

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The Neglected Government-Issued BlackBerry

Most people wouldn’t pay for internet service if they didn’t have a computer.  And most people wouldn’t keep the car insurance current on a rusted bucket of bolts that isn’t being driven.  But the IRS isn’t “most people.”  The latest report from the Treasury Inspector General … Continue reading

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