Only Tax Debt Blues For Utah Jazz Assistant Coach

Probably not a front page nab, but the North Carolina Department of Revenue recently set their crosshairs on Utah Jazz Assistant Coach and Former North Carolina State basketball head coach Sidney Lowe. The North Carolina Department of Revenue probably has more publicity to gain by seeking criminal charges against Lowe than the Internal Revenue Services does against Bubba (click here to read about the tax charges against Bubba Paris).

Lowe has been criminally charged with failing to file his North Carolina state income taxes for three years; 2009, 2010, and 2011. Lowe was booked at the Wake County jail Monday and released on a $10,000 unsecured bond. Lowe was a player for North Carolina State in the early 1980s and coached the Wolfpack for five seasons before resigning in 2011.

Currently an assistant coach for the Utah Jazz, this is a case where the tax local tax authorities may garner that infamous publicity tax authorities are notorious for. However, outside the devoted basketball fan or North Carolina booster fan, Lowe is likely an unknown. Reports on the alleged income earned bu Lowe for the years in question vary. If the case goes to trial we will likely learn if the government’s prosecution will cost more than the delinquent taxes to be gained, as is likely the case in the IRS’s criminal prosecution against Bubba Paris; or whether the criminal prosecution was worth the expense and deters the public from committing tax crimes. Again, this story proves that seeking the early help of a tax relief attorney may save you from doing hard time down the line.