Talk That (tax) Talk

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Tax talk can be a little dull.  Any time a tax attorney is presented with an opportunity to blog about Rihanna, he takes it.

This last week Rihanna was in the news for suing her accounting firm (as well as two accountants personally) for mishandling her fortunes, failing to advise her properly regarding her finances, failing to file tax returns which put her in the middle of an IRS audit, and for taking excessive commissions.  The actual legal grounds for her suit are breach of contract and negligence.

Rihanna hired the Berdon accounting firm when she was just 16 years old (that’s 7 years ago, if you’re not keeping track).  What I don’t understand is why it took her until September 2010 to fire these guys, knowing they were taking advantage of her celebrity and her wealth.  If what she says is true, this accounting firm was paying itself commissions on gross revenues she earned from lucrative tours.  For example, Berdon took 22% of the revenues from Rihanna’s “Last Girl on Earth” tour, leaving the diva with a 6% pittance.  See full story here.

This litigation will be interesting to follow.