Don't Tip the Tax Collector

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The law is very tough on tax assessors and collectors who extend tax relief in situations where it is not warranted.  It is obviously illegal to bribe a property tax assessor or an IRS agent for reducing a tax bill.  Illegal to accept a bribe and illegal to do the bribing.

L.A. County Tax Assessor, John Noguez, has been charged with accepting huge bribes in exchange for reduced tax assessments.  Other charges include perjury, conspiracy and misappropriation — 24 felony counts in all.  Noguez was arrested and taken into custody last week.  If convicted, he will spend up to 30 years behind bars.

What about the guy who paid him off?  He’ll get his too, if found guilty.  Ramin Salari was charged with 23 felony counts including bribing public officials and conspiracy.  Salari appears to be pleading not guilty.  It is unclear how Noguez will plead.

Remember: bribes are expensive and risky.  Hire a good tax attorney instead.