State Bar Publication for Teenagers

The California State Bar recently updated its publication entitled When You Turn 18: A Survival Guide for Teenagers.  It’s a 16-page publication covering a wide range of legal topics pertinent to teenagers and those who are moving beyond the age of minority.  The last time the guide was updated was in 2008.  The new version covers some timely topics such as underage drinking, illegal computer downloads, identity theft, sexting, and employer monitoring of emails.

The State Bar plans to release the guide in mid September.  If you think your teenager would benefit from a careful study of this guide, simply send an email to and specify how many copies you want and where you want them sent.  The guides and the shipping are free.  What’s not free is being a good parent; the cost is your time, dedication, and love.  So work through the guide together, asking and answering questions as you go.