SF Giants and Burgers- A Sign of Karma for winning it all in 2010

Regular readers of this blog are aware that the tax attorneys at Montgomery & Wetenkamp are huge baseball fans; and great SF Giants fans. We’ve been hoping the Giants with all their injuries would still find a way to pull it together. The first major blow of the year was of course the Buster Posey injury. However, the last straw may have been today’s announcement that Jeremy Affeldt will be out for the rest of the season. My mother has been a Jeremy Affeldt fan ever since he served her hot dogs at a season ticket holder event with the charm of a young boy a few years ago. But sorry mom, you should have whispered the secrets of defrosting meat before barbequing, as he stabbed himself separating burgers with a knife… and is now joining rest of the SF Giants on the disabled list.

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