Perseverance Pays Off

It’s difficult to write about tax relief today after witnessing our beloved San Francisco Giants defeat the Detroit Tigers in a four-game World Series sweeeeeep!  What a dramatic series, and what an amazing season!  One of my favorite stories is that of Barry Zito, who didn’t even make the roster in the club’s 2010 World Series appearance.  He never gave up and battled back to become one of the KEY players in the Giants’ postseason.

Anyone who files a whistleblower claim must have similar tenacity and perseverance.  First it was Bradley Birkenfeld — who for his efforts and patience was awarded an unprecedented $104 million.  And now we hear of another whistleblower getting a cool $38 million from the IRS Whistleblower Office.  Only this time we don’t know the guy’s name and we don’t know the name of the firm with the illegal (or overly-aggressive) tax relief plots.  It is IRS policy to keep these details private so the individual may continue to work and maintain a somewhat normal life.  We only know about Birkenfeld because he agreed to allow the details to be publicized.

We have, however, heard from the whistleblower’s attorney who has expressed how pleased he is that the IRS has been able to keep things on the down low.  He gives the Whistleblower Office brownie points (1) for actually following through on a whistleblower payout, and (2) for doing so in a professional manner.

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