New “Death Planning” Venture

Jess Bloomgarden, a Harvard Business School student started AfterSteps to “bring organization, completeness, and knowledge to the end-of-life planning process.” People are often challenged by trying to tie up loose ends after the death of a loved one. The process may involve working with multiple service providers and trying to ascertain the wishes of the decedent. Bloomgarden’s business is unique in that it brings all these things together for the user into a “complete end-of-life plan.” AfterSteps securely stores the plan and related documents, then transfers them to the designated family members after the plan’s owner passes away. The cost of this service is $4.00 per month. Bloomgarden believes that her new venture will simplify the end-of-life process and provide piece of mind to the user and their family members. Too bad she can’t offer a premium plan that would simplify the estate tax!

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