Maryland Man gets 10 Months Prison Sentence in IRS Tax Fraud Case

Who got busted:    Patrick McLaughlin, age 43, of Ocean City, Maryland

Who busted him:

  • Rick A. Raven, Special Agent in Charge, IRS, Criminal Investigation
  • Rod J. Rosenstein, United States Attorney for the District of Maryland
  • Mark W. Crooks and Harry M. Gruber, Assistant United States Attorneys
  • Catherine C. Blake, U.S. District Judge

What did he do:

  • Failure to file corporate tax returns for tax years 2003-2009
  • Failure to pay corporate taxes from 2007-2009
  • Failure to pay employment taxes from 2006-2008 (total $135,348)
  • Failure to file and pay individual income taxes from 2005-2009
  • Grand total: $296,701

What are the consequences:

  • 10 months in prison
  • 12 months of supervised release

Mr. McLaughlin did plead guilty to the above charges in the tax evasion case. I find it interesting that the prison sentence was not also accompanied by some kind of restitution.  Usually the tax evader is also ordered to pay back what is owed. Maybe this part of the tax evasion court case was just left out of the press release.

These are difficult times that we live in, especially for business owners who experience the same cash-flow problems as others, but company tax evasion cases are often on a bigger scale. Some are tempted to cut corners on their taxes, but taking tax relief into their own hands often has tragic results.

One thought on “Maryland Man gets 10 Months Prison Sentence in IRS Tax Fraud Case

  1. Joe Schmoe Reply

    Sketchy business. I feel bad for the college students who just wanted to make an honest dollar. Yes he ripped off the tax man but he also tried to rip off his loyal employees who run miles per day on the hot sand.

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