IRS Promotes its Spanish Language Website

The Spanish language section of the IRS website is slowly becoming more robust, but it still offers a very limited amount of information compared to the massive amount of content on the main website. Today the IRS highlighted 9 key features to be enjoyed by Spanish speakers on

1. Its a website, so its always accessible, 24/7

2. You can get tax forms and publications in Spanish

3. E-file is available with Spanish instructions

4. You can check the status of your refund

5. The Spanish site includes an Earned Income Tax Credit eligibility tool

6. There is information about assistance for those who are unemployed or who are otherwise suffering a hardship

7. Tax law updates are available in Spanish

8. The Multimedia Center has video and audio content in both English and Spanish

9. Twitter @IRSenEspanol

This seems like a healthy list of features, but this is pretty much everything the site has to offer. Even the “More Topics” link in the “Espanol Topics” menu just takes you to the same topics in the menu itself. Kind of goofy if you ask me, but its getting there.