The Big Red Rabbit at Sac Airport

Airport art can be massive.  The red rabbit is massive.

Airport art can be striking.  The red rabbit is striking.

Airport art is often symbolic or reminiscent of the locale.  The red rabbit . . . not so much.

Sure we have rabbits here, but rabbits are everywhere, and they’re not usually red.  So there was some degree of controversy surrounding the installation of “Leap,” the big red rabbit created by Denver artist, Lawrence Argent, now on display in the new terminal of the Sacramento International Airport.  But we’ll get used to it . . . once people (myself included) stop trying to find hidden meanings.  Besides, who says art can’t just be fun?

Other possible interpretations:

1. Red Rabbit (nutritional food for children)

2. Red Rabbit (novel by Tom Clancy)

3. Red Rabbits (song by The Shins)

My favorite interpretation: it’s a bold anti-drug statement (i.e., the opposite of a white rabbit).