Kookie or Not, You Still Have to Pay Your Taxes

photo via starpulse.com

In his Twitter profile, Stephen Baldwin describes himself as “an actor, author, Jesus Freak, Radio Talk Show Host, and the kookiest of the Baldwin brothers.”  Stephen, also the youngest of the Baldwin brothers, was arrested in New York yesterday for failing to address his tax problem properly.  Ok, that’s a nice way to put it.  He is being charged with failure to file (and pay) his 2008-2010 New York state tax returns.

The state of New York is without question trying to drive home a bold message here. You can’t live in NY and take advantage of the its public benefits (especially in this economic climate) and expect everyone else to pay the bills.  I am not familiar with the New York state taxing authority, but it is uncommon for the IRS to take such a heavy-handed approach with similarly-situated taxpayers.  However, the cardinal rule is that you should always file your taxes, even if you know you can’t pay.

If the Kook portion of Baldwin’s persona is responsible for getting him into this criminal tax debt debacle, then maybe the Jesus Freak will be able to set him free.  Yesterday he found time to address his followers in a somewhat penitent tweet:

Thnx4all the prayers, Been trying2 work this out4some time! Want2correct this&of course pay what I owe! Difficult situation. God is good.